Buttermilk Pancakes

Buttermilk Pancakes


1 tablespoon granulated sugar
1 vanilla bean
1⁄2 cup all-purpose flour
1⁄2 cup whole wheat flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
1⁄2 teaspoon baking soda 1⁄2 teaspoon salt
1⁄2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1⁄4 teaspoon nutmeg
1 egg
1 cup buttermilk
2 tablespoons butter


Melt 2 tbsp of butter in the microwave and let it cool. Add the buttermilk and egg.

Scrape the seeds from the vanilla bean and mix them with the granulated sugar. Use your fingers to mix the vanilla seeds with the sugar to create...vanilla sugar (you can scale up these proportions to make a large batch of vanilla sugar and store it for occasions like this). In a large bowl, add the vanilla sugar with the rest of the dry ingredients.

Whisk the buttermilk mixture into the dry ingredients until it forms a batter. Don't overmix or the pancakes will turn out dense.

Heat a non-stick pan over medium-high heat. Use a quarter-cup measuring spoon to spoon batter in the pan. Cook for about a minute, until bubbles appear on the top of the pancake. Flip once and cook until the other side of the pancake is lightly browned. Repeat with the rest of the batter. Serve with your favorite pancake topping.

Serves 3
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