Cucumber Ginger Salad


1 cucumber
1 mango
1 tbsp fresh grated ginger
1⁄2 medium red onion 1 lime
Salt and pepper Olive oil
Apple cider vinegar cilantro


Peel the cucumber and scoop out the seeds. Dice in small pieces. Peel the mango and dice in small pieces. Add the mango and cucumber to a large bowl. Grate about 1 tbsp of fresh ginger on top. Dice a red onion in small pieces and add it to the bowl. Squeeze the juice of a lime on top, adding some salt and pepper. Drizzle with just a bit of olive oil and apple cider vinegar (none of this is exact, just do what tastes good to you), then top with some fresh, chopped cilantro.

Serve cold.

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